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" When I was three years old, I ran away from home for the first time in my life. 

A musician visited our backyard occasionally; I liked the music so much that I followed him to the surrounding backyard, was dark; so I ended up at the police station where one of the officers kept me entertained by drawing pictures for me on a piece of paper. 

I can say, this moment inspired my early drawings. 

I still have those drawings from the police to this date:" 


Vibs Gade.


"I love Vibs' paintings, not just because she is a beloved friend of mine, but because of the way her paintings make me feel close to her. Looking at her paintings one gets the notion she has been there. Her beach scenes I think are my favorites because I feel like dancing with the wind and waves, I am freed of all worry!

All her paintings touch my heart".

Jeanne G.

"We are fortunate to have a beautiful picture of the Golden Gate Bridge Vibs painted. It sits above our fireplace and lights up our living room. We love it!"

Erik O.

"When Vibs visited my country Perú, a couple of years ago, she was inspired by the mountains and the fisherman; she witnessed them heading early into the sea; So she created some amazing watercolors, I am lucky to own a couple of them. They just bring me home every time I look at them.

Vibs just has a way to make her paintings touch your heart."

Milagros O.

"Check out Vibs Gade's paintings! They are vibrant, some are whimsical and very creative! She paints with a mastery of color with a wide range of subject matter. I feel very fortunate to have many of her works of art and I am certain, you  will feel that way too once you are a proud owner of a Vibs painting! Oh, and did I mention that she also knits beautiful winter hats?

 I am one happy customer!"



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